“Before I met Jenni I had so many questions and very few answers that made complete sense on my horsemanship journey. She has not only answered my questions but allowed me to develop in my own way and finding my own solutions.”

“Ask Jenni a question about behaviour and you will get an educated, well informed answer. She is someone who never makes you feel dull or stupid because you are finding something difficult. Jenni just guides you in the right direction and allows you to succeed. A truly inspiring trainer.”

“With her characteristic patience and good humour Jenni will help you solve old problems, teach new behaviours (in hand or under saddle), or assist you in giving your youngster the best possible start in life.  I’m convinced she’s the trainer all our horses would choose for themselves as they enjoy her lessons and methods so much!”

“I have two mares, one who had a tendency to get anxious and “plant” when hacking away from home and another who is just starting her education.  Jenni’s help has been invaluable and under her guidance the planting issue has been replaced by an enthusiasm for going out and my rather volatile youngster is becoming increasingly calm and well mannered.”

“Jenni is an excellent teacher she asks you what you feel is right whilst offering ideas and advice. She is very positive and I always finish the lessons feeling like we have really achieved something each time. Most importantly although my horse loves working with Jenni, she has come to associate her with good, fun things and you really cannot get a better recommendation than that.”


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