Terms and Conditions

Bookings made over the phone, SMS text message, email or via social media are taken as agreement to the following terms and conditions of service:

That I will travel to the agreed address to provide the agreed service: Behavioural Consulation, Training Assessment, Performance Behaviour Analysis, Follow-Up/Training Visit, or other named service at the agreed relevant price. Payment is made at the time of the appointment, either by cash, cheque or card, unless otherwise arranged. Should you fail to attend the full payment will be charged.

Other professionals:
I welcome the involvement of other professionals who work with your horse, from vets to riding instructors. These professionals may be present during any consultation, assessment or training and will be included in any discussion at your discretion. I am also willing to make contact with them and discuss my work involving you and your horse with them should you wish, and provided that they are willing to engage in any such communication.

All I ask is that when any such professional is present that they have been invited to be there and have been informed of my appointment in advance, such that they may contact me or conduct any research about me beforehand. I also ask that I be informed at least 48 hours in advance of their presence at any appointment.

Cancellations and postponements:

Alternatives to cancellations and postponements:
Most of my work is conducted outdoors and as such can be affected by inclement weather. However much of my work also involves translating theory to practice and planning future training with your horse. Therefore when bookings coincide with poor weather, instead of cancelling or postponing the booking I offer the alternative of having a theory session indoors such as at your home, stable or other facility local to you e.g. coffee shop.

Cancellation and postponement policy:
Should you not wish to take advantage of the alternative of a theory session, cancellations and postponements made less than 48 hours from the appointed date and time of your booking will be subject to a charge that is the full outstanding amount that would have been charged for your booking, less any mileage charge that may have been applied.

Cancellations and postponements made any further in advance than 48 hours notice are subject to a charge which is half the outstanding amount that would have been charged for your booking, less any mileage charge that may have been applied.

Any cancellations or postponements made by me will not be charged for.


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