Information for Veterinary Surgeons

It is important to the care and welfare of both the animal patient and the human client that there is a strong link between the referring veterinary surgeon and the clinical animal behaviourist, so we can work as a team to optimise the treatment outcome for both animal and owner. As such I follow the code of conduct of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, and am a full member of that association.

Should you wish to refer a behavioural case to me, then please make contact, either by phone or email to introduce the case and ask your client to contact me to make a booking. I will then ask the client to download and print my referral form, or I will post one to them, to fill out their details, sign their consent and then pass the form on to you for completion and attachment of any relevant medical history. Once the referral is in place I will visit the client, conduct the behaviour consultation and supply you with a copy of the behaviour report and modification program.

If I have any concerns about the animal’s welfare then I will make further contact with you to discuss how we can further help the client and their animal by working as a team.


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