Horse Training

TrainingI believe that good horsemanship is built on love and respect for the horse, an understanding of natural horse behaviour, and the individual horse’s personality and cognitive skills, and careful application of learning theory. Above all, horses and people should enjoy each other’s company.

Horsemanship lessons involve my sharing knowledge about horse behaviour and learning, and instructing and coaching people in applying this knowledge – harnessing the horse’s natural learning ability, maximising reward-based learning including clicker training, and finding ways to minimise pressure and other aversive means of training. The result is that my human clients feel empowered, and my equine ones enjoy their humans more.
CommunicationMy lessons are centred around you and your horse. The first lesson includes initial assessment and goal setting, so takes an hour and a half. Further lessons take place within a 45 minute one-to-one session, with time dedicated to further assessment and refinement of your goals.

These videos are partnered with my eBook, Clicker Training for Horses: Foundation Lessons


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