Dog Behaviour Services

I help owners with a wide variety of behaviour issues in dogs of all ages. For example aggressive behaviour towards the family, strangers, and/or other dogs; separation related behaviour such as destructiveness, vocalising or depression; noise fears and phobias; general anxiety; being reactive on the the lead; livestock worrying; failing to recall; house soiling; even raiding the bins, this is not an exhaustive list by any means.

Some behavioural issues are complex and require a detailed behavioural consultation to correctly identify the true causes, and plenty of follow up support to help you help your dog through the treatment program. Some require less follow up support as the behaviour plan is shorter and simpler for owners to do effectively. Others take a more simple course and are easily assessed and simply corrected over a series of shorter visits. To find out what you need, please get in contact to arrange an initial assessment phone call and first aid advice.

Complex cases:

Behavioural consultations are conducted at your home and take approximately 2 – 3 hours. This includes taking further details on the case history, and observing your dog’s behaviour and interaction with you and any other environment where there is a problem such as on a walk. The aim of this is to fully evaluate the circumstances in which your dog displays unwanted behaviour, what his or her motivation is for the behaviour, and their emotional state surrounding the problem. This thorough diagnosis helps us to create a practical, individual and humane treatment program (no sprays, chains or rattle cans!). You will be supplied with a written report containing the all important action plan, broken down into its individual steps to help guide you and stay on track.

Examples of complex cases requiring thorough behavioural investigation: separation related behaviour issues, noise fears and phobias, aggressive behaviour, stress and anxiety related behaviour.

Back up support:

This is essential to helping you and your dog develop new skills, habits and emotional responses. But every dog and owner is different and so follow up support is also tailored to suit you. Messenger and email for simple queries and progress reports. Telephone and Skype coaching and mentoring sessions to help with more complex support where the treatment plan is more involved. Follow-up visits are also available to help you with skills training and other practical aspects of behaviour modification where you need hands-down help.

Simpler cases:

Some problem behaviours are very easy to diagnose and require a more training oriented approach. These cases become apparent during the initial assessment phone call. In these circumstances the case history is easily taken over the phone during that initial assessment call, and the first remedial training visit follows as a shorter training visit with further training visits as needed, as well as access to the other forms of follow-up support described above.

Examples of simple cases: Recall problems, livestock worrying, lead reactivity, excessive attention seeking behaviour.

Puppies and dogs under one year of age:

It’s not unusual for owners of young dogs to experience problems related to the dog’s age, often the result of puberty! Such problems may be related to house training, attention seeking, or even aggressive behaviour or fearfulness. Provided there aren’t above average complexities to such cases, most owners and their young dogs benefit from a specifically designed puppy/adolescent consultation with the above follow-up services as necessary. The puppy consultation usually takes around 2 hours and covers the behavioural and emotional development of your young dog, as well as bespoke management advice to help them grow up emotionally well balanced dogs and simple training in important life skills.

Vet referral:

All of my dog behaviour services are only available on veterinary referral. If you are having a problem with your pet’s behaviour it is important that you consult your vet first, just in case the reason for your pet’s behaviour is medical. If no physical problem is diagnosed you can ask to be referred to me.

Price list:

Initial assessment phone call: £25.00* When you book and attend a further behaviour service, this sum is discounted from the total fee of that service.

Behavioural consultation: £150.00 (less £25.00 initial assessment call).

Puppy/adolescent consultation: £100.00 (less £25.00 initial assessment call)

Remedial training: £80.00 (less initial assessment call)

Follow-up visits: £35.00 per 45 minutes

Coaching calls/Skype: £25.00 per 30 minutes

Messenger/email follow-up: Free


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