Horse Behaviour Services

Struggling to find a satisfactory solution to your horse’s unwanted behaviour? The aim for any behavioural case is to improve the quality of life for both horse and owner. For this reason horse and human safety and welfare are as high a priority as being effective. This means I’ll be helping you use methods that don’t cause or increase further fear such as putting your horse in a terrifying and inescapable situation, nor will I be encouraging you to use pressure halters or other painful gadgets.

Types of cases typically seen:
Problems with loading and travelling, catching, handling for vet/farrier, clipping, and stable vices such as cribbing and weaving/box walking. Ridden problems such as napping, bucking, rearing, bolting, nervous and spooky behaviour. Weaning and socialising issues in foals and young horses. I also specialise in rescue horses and the particular problems that these horses can present, such as the results of severe trauma.

In order to rule out, or work with any medical issues, I work on the referral of the veterinary surgeon. If you haven’t been referred by your vet then I will seek their permission before taking on your case.

Please download and print a veterinary referral form for your vet: Veterinary Referral Form EBS

I visit horse and owner (and anyone else involved in the care&/training of the horse who would like to be present) and begin by finding out about the specific problems. I also investigate the horse’s known history and assess their current lifestyle. The purpose of this is to get as full and accurate a diagnosis of the specific problem as possible. I want to make sure I properly understand the horse’s motivation, predispositions and factors that initiated and maintain the current problem so that I can tailor the most appropriate and effective behaviour modification plan. This may involve management changes and/or specific remedial training depending on the case.

The next stage is implementing the program. This can be done under my instruction and coaching, or in some cases I do some of the training myself with the owner joining in once the new behaviour is becoming more established. Many owners find their program simple to follow because they join in with me in clearly setting out what changes need to be made to the horse’s management and interactions with people: Always specific to each horse and owner’s situation. All training is similarly broken down and logically set out to make it safe and easy for owners to follow. I then make follow up visits and provide telephone and email support as necessary, as well as providing a written report and information sheets for future reference.


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